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Photographing in Yosemite? Now There’s An App For That.

January 17, 2010

I try not to pimp stuff I’m selling too often on my blog.  Mostly, this blog is to help us all learn and share and have fun.  But occasionally I will use it to let you all know when something I’m doing or selling might interest you.  I hope that’s coolio with you.  Moving on…

Yes, the title is totally lame!  Sorry ’bout that, but it is marginally better than “iFotoGuide: Yosemite Launched”.  At any rate, after almost two months of work Dan Baumbach and I are thrilled to announce that iFotoGuide: Yosemite has been approved and is now available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

iFotoGuide: Yosemite provides photographers with everything needed to plan a trip to and make stellar images while on-location in Yosemite National Park.  Find a hotel, locate a rental car and discover the closest airport.  Check out the gallery full of gorgeous Yosemite photos while you’re on the plane.  Once you arrive in Yosemite, use the guide to find the best locations to photograph at sunrise, sunset or mid-day as well as what gear you’ll need to make the best images.  iFotoGuide: Yosemite is chock full of all the information you will need during your photography trip to Yosemite.  All the information is stored directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  No need for a cell signal.  Once you download the app you’ll have all the critical information you need at all times.

Check out iFotoGuide: Yosemite at the Apple iTunes App Store, tell all your friends about it and spread the word about this amazing iPhone/iPod Touch application!  At $4.99 it’s at least half the price of comparable photo guidebooks.  Updates are free so you’ll never again have to shell out more cash for the latest revision of a hard-copy photography guide.

For you lovers of the southwest, don’t forget to check out iFotoGuide: Arches.


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