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Ansel Adams Arrives in Phoenix

February 27, 2010

Okay, I admit…The Man himself has not arrived in Phoenix.  That would be a little creepy considering he’s no longer among the living.  But, the Phoenix Art Museum is hosting what appears to be an amazing Ansel Adams exhibit through June 6, 2010.

Having just returned from Phoenix, where we spent the first four days of our trip hiding from the incessant rain, I wish I had known about this exhibit.  It would have been a great way to burn a few hours escaping the rain.  Unfortunately, we got home last night and I learned of the exhibit tonight.  So, oh well.  Some times I really miss living in a big city with things like museums and concerts and more than 4 restaurants to choose from.

Check out the exhibit description on the Phoenix Art Museum website.  If you go, please check back in and tell us all about it!

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  1. Katie permalink
    March 10, 2010 10:36 am

    I’m so sorry to hear that you missed it. I know we have had quite the weather lately; even this week we’ve had rain two days in a row, very non-Phoenix weather. I still have yet to go see the Ansel Adams exhibit myself, but am planning to go this month so I’ll let you know how it is, I’m sure amazing. Since it’s here till June maybe you can come back for another visit by then.

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