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Video: Courthouse Towers 360 Degree Pano

May 13, 2010

Last weekend I skipped out for a sunrise shoot in one of my favorite areas of the park, Courthouse Towers.  I was hoping to find a healthy wildflower bloom but it’s still a little early.  Actually, it isn’t early but this year the bloom is all wacky because of the highly unusual weather we’ve been experiencing.  At any rate, I scrambled up to the base of the Three Gossips to have a look around.  The view was amazing!  I took out my iPhone and recorded a short, not at all image stabilized 360 degree panoramic movie from my perch high up above the valley.  Here’s what you see in the video, in order of appearance: Three Gossips, Baby Arch, Sheep Rock, Courthouse Wash and the end of the Great Wall (in the distance), the Tower of Babel, the Windows area (waaaaay out there), The Organ, the La Sal Mountains and finally Park Avenue.  My video editing skills are non-existent.  Please pardon the shaky video and lack of a catchy soundtrack.  It could be worse – I could have narrated during the whole thing.

Here’s the video, which I uploaded to my newly created Bret Edge Photography YouTube channel.  I have no idea what else I’ll post here but I do hope to start adding some fun stuff every now and then.  Enjoy!


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